2017 CCR (Consumer Confidence Report)

The current CCR is available at Or call 816-862-8208 for a paper copy.

Hazardous Waste Information

~~Residents have year-round access to the safe disposal of unwanted products such as paint, lawn and garden chemicals, automotive fluids, batteries, florescent bulbs and housecleaners.
Business waste is not accepted.

Residents can access the permanent facilities in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City and also can attend any of the mobile events scheduled April through October. 
For more information please visit and click on the “HHW” tab, or call 816-701-8226.


Code of Ordinances

Code of Ordinances is up and going!  To view, go to the Services tab, and click bullet  # 4, "Code of Ordinances" to be taken to site.

Sign up for Alert Updates!

Sign up to receive local alerts & community news by mobile phone and email! or go to and sign up for CodeRed under the 911 tab.

Keep ditches clean

Just a reminder to keep ditches and culverts clear of leaves and brush. This will greatly help drainage issues around town.

Community Shelters

Community Shelters

Five community churches have agreed to help provide shelter during a tornado warning, if their personnel can safely travel to the churches.

  • Bethel Assembly of God

  • Dayton Community Church

  • First Christian Church

  • New Covenant Fellowship

  • United Methodist Church

Ditches & Culverts

Please help keep the city drainage clear by not placing limbs, leaves and other debris in your ditches or near your culverts.

Sewer drains

Please watch what you place down your drains.  Grease, chemicals and other objects can cause backflow problems else where down the line.  Thank you.

Primacy Fee/WPSC Fee

Annual Primacy Fee Charged to Garden City Water Customers on April 2014 water bill:

The Missouri Drinking Water Primacy Fee is collected annually by all public water systems from each of their customers. The fee then is sent to the Department of Natural Resources. This fee supports the independent testing to ensure Missourians are provided adequate water that is safe to drink.

The primacy fee for most customers - $3.24

meter size >1 inch to > 2 inch  $7.44


Annual WPSC Fee Charged to Garden City Water Customers on April 2014 water bill:

The Missouri Clean Water Law, subsection 644.052.10 states that persons with direct or indirect sewer service connection to a public sewer system owned or operated by a city shall pay an annual fee. The fee is collected by the City and then sent into Department of Natural Resources.

Fee ranges are from $ .80 to $10.00 depending on meter size.